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Soundproof + ANZA Love Present: Rocky Horror Halloween [10.26.2019]

It is astounding, time is fleeting... and once again it is time for Soundproof + ANZA LOVE to take control of your favourite ghoulish holiday by presenting Rocky Horror Halloween. We are taking over the castle so you can time warp your way through both rooms. You are lucky? I am lucky! He is lucky! WE ARE ALL LUCKY!

Just follow the light... over to the Anza Club place!

The ANZA Club
3 West 8th Avenue
Vancouver, BC

Cover (door only, no pre-sales)
$15 before 10pm
$20 after

Playing upstairs in the Lab:
Miss Innocent
Dark Arps
Alexander Hamilton
Juice Box

Playing downstairs in the Drawing Room:
Tyler Stadius
Marty Spencer
Nigel Ray
Mike LeeD

I see you shiver with antici...PATION!






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